Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nape Tutorial 4: In The Works

Hey guys, just wanted to post up a little bit of into to keep you all in the loop as to what is happening with the tutorial series for Nape. I'm currently hard at work at a new job (ActionScript programming!!!) And have had not a lot of time to get things moving along with the fourth tutorial.

 However, today, I have started to make tracks towards the next video in the series. I'm hoping to bring a bit more production value to the series with this newest addition so I'm putting in a bit more work to try and make things a little easier for everyone to understand. There is going to be powerpoints, goals and objectives, things to remember, summaries etc.

The next tutorial in the series is going to look over collision detecting and how to use it in your games for fun effects and functionality! It is going to be entitiled, Nape Tutorial 4: Lets get Physical!

I am hoping to get some time on this weekend to try and get some of this down, but failing that, I'd hope to be bringing out the next in the series within the next few weeks.

Thanks for your patience!



Mike Kerr said...

Congrats on the job!
Thanks for much for these tutorials! I'm a Flash Game Professor at IADT - Seattle and I'm using your tutorials to build a Pinball Machine assignment for my students. I already built one in box2D but my students are publishing AIR Mobile apps so I'm hoping Nape Physics will run well. I think all your tutorials so far is enough for me to get the engine built but
I think I might be missing how to make a pulley joint. It's what I used for the spring effect on the ball launcher

I'm very much looking forward to your 4th tutorial! Please keep it up!

- Mike

David 'Irish' Bindloss said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks so much for the kind words! Great to hear that my tutorials have had a positive effect on people :). In regards to the pulley joints, I must have overlooked that, I'll have a look back through the documentation and check things over again for you. Recording for tutorial 4 has started, and I'm hoping to finish it with in the next few days and get it up online, once I've finished that, I guess I'm going to start work on the UserDefined elements of Nape, as you are able to define your own constraints etc. Which may be of some interest on a project such as yours.

Again, very humbled that my work is being used for such a prestigious affair.

I'm also going to be introducing a new feature to my tutorials which is Stats, a Mr. Doob invention, which tracks CPU usage and framerates, very useful for debugging.



Mike Kerr said...

Sounds Great David!
I'll keep checking back on your Blog ;-)

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