Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nape Tutorial 4: Bump and Grind hits Youtube.

Hey guys, just a quick heads up, just wanting to let oyu all know I've gotten around to finishing Nape Tutorial 4. This Tutorial concerns itself with Collision Detection and how to know when two objects are hitting one another. It's starting off small, and I suppose I intend to touch on the subject again when we do a little more complicated stuff. But for the mean time, it's intended to let you all know exactly how to go about listening for collisions in your games!

I have updated my github account to more accurately reflect things, so now there is a repo for each individual tutorial instead of it all being lumped together.

Thanks again for all the input that was sent through to me, really valuable stuff :). Until next time!



Zync said...

Hey mate, Cheers for another great tutorial. You going to do anymore on say motors, or adding impulse to objects via keyboard events or anything like that?

David 'Irish' Bindloss said...

Hey Zync,

Sorry I haven't been very active lately, got a lot of stuff happening with my job and working on a new game title and what not, so I've been pushed to find time to do more tutorials. Keyboard input and motors are on the cards for tutorials, when I get the time to do them. Absolutely.



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