Friday, February 17, 2012

Nape and Flash Develop - Tutorial 3: Joints and you, a comprehensive guide

Hey guys! Here it is! Albeit a little late, here is the third installment of the Nape Physics Engine tutorials, focusing on Joints and the various types of constraints that you will come across programming for the Nape platform. I apologise if it seems a little rushed, I've been wanting to get this movie up for you all a long time ago, but haven't managed to have the time, but finally got my act together and produced something.

Expect to see the production value of my movies go up significantly in the coming weeks as I start to get a little more technical with the things that we do with the engine.

As I say at the end of this movie, I'm planning on doing a few other things with Nape aside from the normal tutorial series, which is next going to delve into Collisions and how to deal with events caused by them etc.

I'm also going to be starting another series which puts into use my new software MazeGen, and takes the XML files generated from that into a Nape backed physics file to create physical mazes! Stay tuned, now that I'm back at home, I hope to be churning movies out midst all the other stuff that I have going at the moment.

Also, one final thing, in regards to a github repo for this tutorial, something that I forgot to mention in the actual movie is that I haven't made one, the reason being is that the code changes several times and the most that you can hope to get out of it is just a single example of a joint. The purpose of this movie was more informational than actually build something.

Thanks again guys,

David out.


Rytis said...

Thanks!!! Great tutorial! It would be great if you post the files of this tutorial because it is sometimes hard to read code from video.

David 'Irish' Bindloss said...

Hi Rytis,

You can actually download them already, if you go to my Youtube page there are links to the github repo's in the comments.

Thanks again!


Eric said...

David, Your tutorials are outstanding! It would help me out a lot if you were able to provide the entire project (.hxproj, .nmml, and .hx source files) in a zip. I looked at the github link in youtube and it seems to be broken. Can you update it?


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