Thursday, August 18, 2011

Alpha v0.0.2

Ok - so since my last post there has been only a few changes to the build - I'll be honest with you, what shows up on the screen isn't very different. But the back end has been modified pretty heavily to allow for an expanding range of levels etc.

The major thing that is included within this build is the ability to play it on a Android phone. I've made a Accelerometer listener which will change the force applied to the player (ball) and tapping the screen repeatedly will now make the player 'float', which I will soon be modifying into a jump function.

Another addition is camera panning and scrolling with the players movement, I'm still tweaking, and it's a bit of a mind bending thing to try and work out. I think that the best way for me to go about this is for each level to have an x and y bound that will restrict the camera when the player reaches the edge of the level. Otherwise the player will try and stay in the centre of the screen.

Finally, I've also signed up to be a developer with Google, it's $25 and for ever. The only thing that I haven't done in order to get my game up onto the market is to get some icon graphics and some screen shots.

I'm not uploading any variations to the market just yet, as I want to keep some cards close to my chest as it were, in the mean time, here are some screen shots to show you what's happened to the game so far. As I keep on re-iterating; there are a lot of back end changes that are happening at the moment to ensure that when the times comes to develop levels and to make the game into a fully fledged program.

Next update will come when I've had some more time to work on the structure of the levels and the end - of - game event listener.

Thanks all for your time.



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