Friday, November 18, 2011


Hey guys, here's a video that I've been wanting to post up for quite some time about Pixel Smash, a funky little thing developed by the guys over at Photon Storm, basically it couples pixel art with the ability to back it with physics. Makes for some really cool effects etc. I've taken some time to develop out the code into Box2D and have put it onto my GitHub account here.

I hinted that I was going to write a video about this last time and here it is:

I'm working on pulling down the amount of "uuuuums" and "aaaaahs" that I say, but bear with me, I'm not used to recording what I do :).

I'm going to be working on this project till I figure out it's either impossible or what's wrong with it, I'm hoping I come across the latter, and am able to produce a fully working version for you all.

Thanks heaps!



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